Subdio, (Latin) under the clear sky, founded in 2009 in Helsinki, Finland. We import sporting equipment, targeting adrenaline junkies with top quality gear for the extreme conditions. Because Murphy’s Law is always the most probable outcome!
As the adrenaline junkies we are, we have taken on the mission to provide the rest of the adrenaline junkies with unique, functional and quality products.

To be the leading extreme sport specialist in the Nordic region, with a wide base of brands complementing each other.

We aim to expand and grow through new, inventive, up and coming brands. Bringing the lesser known brands to the market we act on. To be able to satisfy our customers our brands will need to fulfill the following criteria; uncompromised quality, innovative design and functionality.


Robson Lindberg
tel: +35850-2040


Patrik Serén
tel: +35844-5527233

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